Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Located in a valley between the Olympic Mountains and is often defined as the European Jerusalem because of its rare mix of cultures and religions in the same city. It is a city where one can find spirituality, eat the best food and enjoy strolling around through a city of rich historical heritage.


Mostar was named after the most beautiful bridge connecting two towers of the old bazaar. The bridge is visited by tourists from all over the world. The town is the cultural capital of the South of BiH. Known for its hospitality from its locals and beautiful weather. In addition, Mostar will offer you to relax your soul by offering all of its architectural beauty, peace and relaxed atmosphere.


Travnik, capital city of the governors of Bosnia from 1697 to 1850, is one of those noble cities that cannot be defined by putting words on paper. Indistinct by the evergreen forest, fast flowing cold water, high hills and its graceful fortress that is overlooking the city. Its diversity and colorful architecture, and spirituality of its citizen will leave you warm memories. One of the most romantic “mountain” cities.


Jajce was first built by Romans and later served as the capital of the Bosnian kingdom during Middle Ages. The town has a great castle with walls which lead to the various gates around the town. The town is also famed for its 20 meters high beautiful waterfall. A heart touching town favored by all who visit.


Bihać is located in the northwest of Bosnia and has unique emerald like river “the Una river” flowing through its city. The Una is one of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers in Europe. A natural wonder that leaves its visitors fascinated by its beauty. The best way to fully explore the rivers and its treasure is to go rafting with a guide.


Visoko, small city in Central Bosnia, Visoko means “highly” in Bosnian and its name after the Visoki Castle and the town of Visoki, which occupied Visočica Hill, Visoki and other historical places in the Visoko valey, were the early center of the once powerful medieval Bosnian Kingdom. In Addition, recently there was amazing discovery that the city is surrounded by Pyramids (Yes! Similar ones to Egypt… bigger and older), which are covered by soil and forrests.


Stolac has existed for at least 15,000 years and throughout its history it has produced the regions of most predominant leaders, intellectuals, poets and artists. The magnificent Bregava river flows through the center of Stolac making it one of the most fertile areas in the country. The town is unique in itself with striking Ottoman architecture and the 14th-century Vidoska fortress that overlooks the chic town.



Počitelj is one of the most picture-perfect architectural ensembles in the country. Observe how Mediterranean and Oriental styles intertwine in one of the few urban ensembles in Bosnia and Herzegovina that have been preserved. Bosnia’s King Stjepan Tvrtko I is said to have built the fortified town in 1383. Walk down narrow, cobbled streets and climb the stone stairs to the fortress, a 16th-century mosque and the Sahat-kula-a clock tower on the top of the hill.